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The JB4

The Ultimate add-on for the Ultimate Driving Machine

What is the JB4?

The JB4 is a plug and play tune for your turbocharged BMW. We recommend it as the starting place for all those new to modifying their car and those who plan to continue. The tuner installs between your car's sensors and it's ECU (Computer) and manipulates how the car runs via these connections. With these connections and it's own powerful computer, the JB4 adds loads of horsepower and offers so much more. For an affordable price, minimal install time, and a host of features there's not a better solution for power.


  • Map and tune choices for different modifications
  • Error reporting, Logging, and Live Gauge Values
  • Plug and Play Install
  • E85 Support
  • Code reading, code clear, and code auto-clear
  • Dyno Proven Power Gains
  • Amazing Technical Support
Performance Hardware
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Add an intake with your JB4 for a real kick. An intake will let your car breathe easier, making even more power. Add one on to increase the turbo and blow off sounds all while enhancing the performance of your car.


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Charge Pipes

Replace your OEM charge pipe now before it's too late. With higher power comes higher stress, and many plastic OEM charge pipes can not keep up. Our selection also has options for methanol bungs and aftermarket blow off valves. Add one for piece of mind, and future modifications.


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