Terms & Conditions

Shipping: We offer fast shipping. Expect your order to be shipped within 24 hours. We will offer a tracking number with any package. If package requires signature, customer is responsible for checking the package before signing on it. Once a package is signed, shipping carrier will not accept any claim for damaged or missing products. If order was shipped out from manufacturer directly, we are not responsible for any missing packages. All issues are to be resolved with the orginial shipper.

**Same Day Shipping: If item is shipping out from our warehouse, we guarantee that you will receive a tracking number within 24 hours. We also try our best to ship it out the same day. If item is being drop shipped from the manufacturer, we cannot guarantee a tracking number within 24 hours.


Tracking Packages: We offer real time tracking! As soon as your package is shipped you will get an email from us with a tracking number and estimated date of arrival. For more info you can send an email to info@jb4store.com

Expedited Shipping: For expedited shipping please send us an email before you make an order or as soon as you complete your order.

International Shipping: We offer International Shipping, please send an email to info@jb4store.com for quotes. It is 100% the customer's responsibility to know the laws if the country products are shipped to. JB4 Store is not hold accountable in any shape or form if product is not legal in an international country. If a product shipped internationally is returned, the customer is fully resposible for all the shipping fees. Other than shipping fees, same return policy applies as to US shipping.

Damaged Items: Please inspect all contents of your package as soon as you recieve it, and inform us asap if your package is damged. We will give you 3 days to inform us if there are any damages done to your shipment.

Missing items: We also give you 3 days to inform us if anything is missing from your package.


Air Intake and CEL Code: Some air intakes will trigger a CEL code if not used with a tune. Sometimes, disconnecting MAF sensor is necessary. If you have any pre-sale question regarding intakes and which ones will require a tune, please contact us. Terms and conditions to returning an intake

1- Return is valid only if intake was purchased less than 30 days ago

2- Intake needs to be in brand new condition

3- 20% restocking fee applies

Pictures: We do our best to put actual product pictures, but please be aware that some pictures are generic. If you have any doubt please contact us before you make any purchase.

Vehicle Fitment: We do our best to make it clear which product fits which vehicle, but we are not responsible if a product does not fit your vehicle if you do not ask us first.

Returns: If item is still brand new, in the box and customer wishes to return it within 30 days. There will be a 20% restocking fee + shipping cost. Returns are not valid after 30 days of item delivery to customer. 

Custom made orders are not eligible for returns.

If any product has been modified or damaged in any way, it is not eligible for return.

Methods of Payment: We accept payments directly on our website using Paypal checkout or by credit card and debit cards. We also accept payments over the phone using a credit card. To make a payment over the phone, please call 702-494-9435.


Orders: All orders will be reviewed and processed before shipping. If order does not comply with our terms and conditions mentioned above, it will be cancelled and money will be 100% refunded to the buyer.

When placing an order with JB4 Store, direct on the website or through any of our channels (phone, Facebook, Ebay, Paypal invoice,etc..) you are fully agreeing to our terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any part of our terms and agreement, let us know as soon as possible and we will cancel the order.

If you used a credit or a debit card to place an order and decide to cancel or return for any reason, the 5% credit card fees will not be refunded. If you used Paypal this rule does not apply and you do not get charged any fees.

Emission: Before making any purchase from Jb4 Store you are agreeing with emission waiver stated below.

I am purchasing products from Jb4 Store with the intention of using these products for Racing Competition Only. I understand that some or all of these parts may not comply with Federal, State, Province, and/or Local laws, ordinances, and regulations. I take responsibility to ensure that any modifications or upgrades that I have done to my vehicle conform to all applicable laws and regulations for road use, especially pertaining to safety and emissions. I acknowledge Jb4 Store has made me aware that certain parts are intended for Racing Competition Only and not meant to be used on a road car. I absolve Jb4 Store for any and all burden of responsibility in ensuring my car satisfies regulations set forth by Federal, State, and/or Local governing agencies. This waiver of compliance shall be in force for all past, current, and future purchases from Jb4 Store.

Right Hand Drive Cars: If your car is RHD, please contact one of our sale reps before placing an order. Unless specified otherwise by the customer we ship our parts as LHD compatible only.

Jb4 Store is not responsible for any malfunctions, injuries, or damages caused by products purchased from us. We are also not responsible for damages you might cause while in possession of any these products (ex: car accident). By approving our terms and conditions you agree to use our products at your own risk and take full responsibility for any damages, injuries caused by any product purchased from us.

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