Results and Dyno Charts

Results and Dyno Charts

BMW Performance Figures  Various JB Plus (JB+) dyno charts on a 100% stock 335, 91 and 93 octane.
BMW Performance Figures  BMS Intake vs. factory airbox, best of three runs done back to back with each. Testing done at 13.5psi.
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Stock vs JB3 on a stock 135i Stock, Stage 3 on a completely stock automatic 135i (MSD81 ECU) with 91 octane.
BMW Performance Figures  Baseline, Stage 3 on an automatic 335i with exhaust and BMS intake, on 93 octane.
JB4 BMW Performance Figures  Various JB4 dynos from a 2008 135i with BMS DCI, exhaust, and intercooler.
JB3 BMW Performance Figures  JB4, RB Upgraded Turbos, exhaust, DCI, meth injection.
BMW Performance Figures  Looking for maximum horsepower for your stock turbo N54 135i or 335i? Our 135i made 446whp and 495wtq using the factory turbos! Mods include the JB4, exhaust, BMS DCI, intercooler, OCC, methanol kit, and race gas. This map has powered our 135i to the record holding stock turbo 1/4 mile times of 11.2 and trap speeds of over 125mph!

JB3 2.0 - 11.6 @ 121mph 1/4 Mile

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Development JB equipped BMW 135i
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Development JB equipped BMW 335i
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BMW Performance Figures

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